Introducing The Lab. We believe in the power of connected thinking because work developed collaboratively always leads to more effective campaigns. And, this philosophy is brought to life in The Lab – your campaign development HQ, from brief to launch. A digital workspace, hosting inspiration, research, strategy, concepts, design, and feedback.

Driven, organised, and curated by us and approved by you. Available in real-time, open 24/7 from anywhere in the world. It enables you to have as much or as little direct access to the creative process as you like, by as many or as few stakeholders you deem necessary. The Lab enables connectivity and total transparency. Because when we network minds, exceptional things happen.

Our approach. Business challenges come in many shapes and sizes. We apply a full range of strategic tools and creative expertise to ensure rigorous on and offline exploration of the possible solutions. This ensures we always bring the most effective response to each challenge.

Business Growth
Gap Analysis


Our unique online tool uncovers the opportunities and barriers that exist in your brand and with your target consumer to help unlock the greatest value.


Your score infographic identifies your brand’s growth potential on a page.


Take a Gap Analysis here

Brand Culture Check



This strategic process interrogates your current brand culture and personality: the real life context in which your brand exists in people’s minds.


We then apply the findings to revitalise your business purpose and create authentic alignment between who you are and how people really see you.

The Lab:
Connected Creativity


Our unique way of working sits at the heart of who we are: intelligent creative expertise, deep exploration of ideas and stakeholder access and input to the creative process. 


The Lab – our interactive digital creative workspace - is where we ensure that all of this group knowledge is carefully compiled and curated. 

Welcome to The Creative Lab. We are an agile business-to-consumer and business-to-business branding and communications agency, powered by real-world customer insights and understanding. Led by a team of creative marketing and business experts, we believe that true collaboration delivers better ideas and more effective solutions. Our passion is to activate the growth of our clients’ business.